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    锘縔ORK, Beijing, June 14 a couple of Connaught introduced a very special lecturer, the actual type for your unattractive variation of your V-11, a good introduction of stress shopping for through people that this product had sold out concerts associated with commodity. Valentine's Day nearing, dissatisfaction to send out her own partner a surprise gift, some Novo V-11 hideous dark-colored variant is very good to get guys make use of. Close friends enthusiastic about looking.

    promise brand new V-11 a Hideous (Dark colored)

    hideous variation from the V-11 all-wood style, a bass speaker and also the salites getting a rectangle common box. The structure is quite unvarying. The front cell on the subwoofer stone imprinted as well as specular light technological know-how using a deal with, the particular etching approach is usually non-slip, anti-scratch, obvious indication of this functionality zoning. The front side dial form volume command penis. Side inside-out in accordance with the outlet with the outside conclude was curved to the outside to expand the planning to prevent the noise makes the audio extra natural. Salites prior to conceal utilizing dreary barbed wire, the centre of the electrical change silver metal making 3NOD Business logo, seen stunning, incredibly perfect along with liquid crystal features.

    unattractive version of the component beats by dre australia in V-11 are used magnetic style, guarantee the breathtaking sound quality sounds. It's Some.0-inch woofer, any end result electricity will be 8W, frequency reaction 25Hz-144Hz, to make certain an improved end result electricity, so your striped bass impact as well as the power of seem localization decline. Salites A couple of.75-inch midrange along with treble device, the particular result strength is certainly 7W, the regularity answer for 170Hz-20KHz, to make certain reduced distortions, midrange performance is dazzling and also true; highs fresh, thoroughly clean, ductility and ideal, suited to playback all kinds of songs types.
    System Specialized Variables:
    : A pair of.One particular
    outcome ability: 8W + 7W times A couple of (RMS)
    audio system: 5.4 the planning)
    , Frequency Solution: Sub-contract 25Hz-144Hz
    salite audio systems 170Hz-20KHz
    This Splitting up: 45dB
    indication so that you can disturbance percentage: 70dB
    Merchandise Dimensions: Bass sounds W160 H160 D252 (mm)
    salite audio systems W100 times H100 a D100 (millimeters)
    Weight: 3 or more.Eight kilograms
    power supply: 220V ~ 50Hz Air cooling electrical power
    Mass media deliver: Dollar 199

    manager Reviews: a couple of Novo V-11 awful variant with audio speakers, more effective for that vogue customer categories, especially youth as well as invest in journal, Cd, brand name equipment buyers. Intrigued close friends may decide to give some thought to.
    Products Model a couple of Enoch V-11 black colored 锘縝eats by dre australia awful version (delivered to an individual's plug-board, mouse cushion, earphones, pc cleanup establish gift idea)
    , enterprises offer 199 yuan
    Advised companies Hailong Developing, 4035 <a href=http://www.beatsbyaustralia.com>beats by dre australia</a>

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